Event cancellations, transfers and refunds policy

Page updated: March 16, 2020 Animal Dreaming (hereafter referred to as ‘AD’ or ‘the Animal Dreaming office’) and Animal Dreaming Publishing (hereafter referred to as ADP) both understand that life sometimes gets in the way and, for reasons beyond our control, we may find ourselves unable to attend an event or workshop. By booking to attend an AD and /or ADP event, the registrant thereby agrees to abide by the following policy regarding cancellations, transfers and refunds:
  1. If behaviour or attitude is deemed inappropriate or improper during an AD or ADP event, or if behaviour is deemed unsafe or threatening (be it suggested or actual, or emotional, mental, spiritual, physical or sexual in nature) to the facilitator or a fellow registrant and, if after discussion it becomes clear that the behaviour may continue, the offender(s) will be asked to leave the event / venue without delay by the facilitator(s) or the facilitator‘s support person / people. If the offender(s) refuses to leave or fails to leave immediately after such a request is given, then Animal Dreaming, Animal Dreaming Publishing, Scott Alexander King and/or Trudy King, or whoever is facilitating or hosting the AD or ADP event hold the right to notify security, the police and/or other authorities. In situations like this, no refunds or part refunds will be available for the offender(s)
  2. This updated ‘cancellations, transfers and refunds’ policy does hereby replace all previously known or published policies upheld or put in place by AD and / or ADP prior to March 16, 2020, regarding their events, large or small.
  3. Clauses within this policy can change or be replaced or amended, without warning, at any time, for any reason.
  4. By booking to attend an AD and /or ADP event, the registrant thereby agrees to allow AD and / or ADP to take photographs or make audio, video or film recordings without their further approval or recourse, The registrant also agrees that such photographs and recordings can be used for professional, commercial and promotional purposes for current and/or future events.
  5. AD and ADP reserve the unfettered right to maintain a strict ‘no refund policy’ regarding all deposits and bookings made (either paid in full or paid in part) for all their events, be they small events (events that last for a whole day, the portion of a day or an evening) and large events (events that last longer than a day).
  6. While all payments in full, part payments and / or deposits are non-refundable, they remain transferable.
  7. If, for whatever reason, the registrant opts to cancel their attendance and transfer their booking to another person, it is a requirement that they contact the Animal Dreaming office by phone or email no more than 7 days prior to an event.
  8. Where a deposit is be required to secure a booking, especially in the case of a large event (an event that lasts longer than one day), there may be the requirement for a deposit is to be paid, in which case notice will be clearly provided in the event description. Deposits are to be made via the AD and ADP website (a link will be provided) or via direct deposit (which may require contacting the AD office). All deposits must be made at time of booking to secure a place.
  9. The cost of all large events is calculated as a whole package deal, with no refund offered on any aspects, parts or features of the package the registrant opts not to partake in. For example, if the registrant books into an event that includes a special feature such as a river cruise, the registrant does so with the understanding that if (for whatever reason) they choose not to, or they cannot, partake in the river cruise, a partial refund for the cost of the river cruise (or any other aspect, part or feature) will not be available.
  10. If some part of an event (for example, an activity scheduled to happen within an event) is cancelled by AD or ADP due to inclement weather, some other act of God or unforeseen circumstances, no partial refunds or credit in lieu will be given.
  11. As large events often require costly travel, venue hire, materials, hire of seating, accommodation and catering, AD and ADP may require all payments to be finalised (paid in full) no more than 90 days prior to an event.
  12. In the unlikely case that AD and / or ADP find it necessary to cancel an event, AD and ADP will take positive steps to alert the registrant of the cancellation as soon as possible by email and/or phone.
  13. If AD and / or ADP elects to cancel an event, for whatever reason, monetary refunds of any kind will not be offered. Instead, all paid registrants will be given a CREDIT NOTE for the amount paid to secure their booking, allowing them to transfer the amount paid toward the cost of an alternative or future event, and / or to secure stock of (remaining) equal retail value from AD and ADP’s online store. NB: this offer of credit does not extend to or include Scott Alexander King’s ‘Spirit Totem Animal Readings’.
  14. If a registrant fails to turn up for an event without first notifying the Animal Dreaming office within 7 days prior to the event of their intended absence, or they cannot produce adequate medical evidence that they were ill or otherwise incapacitated, and payment in full was not made no more than two weeks prior to the commencement of the event, AD and ADP reserve the right to demand payment or to withdraw the remainder of the amount still owing, with no opportunity for refund or credit.
  15. Payment plans, of any kind and for whatever reason, are not available. Please do not ask for a payment plan, as refusal may offend.
  16. If a potential registrant is concerned they may not be able to attend an event at the time of booking, but they still want to book their space in case they are able to attend, AD and ADP strongly encourage the registrant to explore the option of purchasing personal health / medical and travel insurance.
  17. Unless otherwise stated, the listed cost of all large events does not include accommodation, airfares, travel, transfers, drinks or meals of any kind.
  18. Covid 19 Cancellation Policy- If you change your mind and no longer wish to attend an event due to concerns about COVID-19, if you develop or suffer from an existing health condition that places you at higher risk of contracting Covid 19, or if the event is cancelled due to government restrictions, please note that refunds will not be available. However, Animal Dreaming Publishing will happily provide a credit note or voucher for the same amount you paid for the ticket that can be used to book into future events or exchange for products listed in the Animal Dreaming Publishing website shop. NB: All Animal Dreaming Publishing vouchers and credit notes have an expiration date of 12 months (unless otherwise stated) after their official issue date. While Animal Dreaming Publishing takes no responsibility for losses incurred by cancelled travel plans or accommodation, we advise you to first approach your travel or accommodation provider before booking into an event to see if they offer replacement services, refunds or vouchers. You should also ensure you have travel insurance, and that you are appropriately covered under your policy.

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