Sacred Blessings Oracle Cards

Written by Eveningstar

ISBN : 978-0-6450179-0-8

RRP : $34.95

44 cards

Box Dimensions : 170mm H x 125mm W

Card Dimensions : 140mm H x 96mm W

Booklet : 116 pages

$34.95 (AUD)


The Sacred Blessings Oracle Cards, created by Eveningstar and illustrated by a collection of artists from across the globe, guide you from the paths of fate and karma to the sacred and wild of the womb and the grove, to the marvels of the tree of life, and to the whole human. Sacred blessings are indispensable for the evolution of light and wellness for our planet, and the universe at large, and give birth to a life worth living.
The 44 stories in the guidebook were written in a sacred space with powerful spiritual guidance, and offer love and support for your daily life, your soul purpose, and how you can serve the Earth.

Additional information

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 18 × 15 × 20 cm


Verified Purchase

“These oracle cards are so beautiful! I love using them – the artwork is so special and unique. The detail and love that went into creating this incredible deck is apparent. So glad I ordered.”

Wendy Lestina: author of A Bit of Earth.

“Eveningstar’s 44 unique, strikingly beautiful, gifts of wisdom and peace are on my bedside table. The healing narratives are educational and inspirational. The illustrations, curated from a diverse group of artists, recognize and honor the powers of woman and the spiritual relationship of human woman to the maternal force of the natural world. There is a dignity, a grace, in the revelations of the mystery of life that comprise this collection. In that grace is peace.”

Wendy Lestina: author of A Bit of Earth.

“Beautiful. Beautiful art work and wonderful writings. Makes my heart happy!

Kate Warwick-Smith: author of The Tarot Court Cards.

“Eveningstar has produces a beautiful and thoughtful deck. When I opened the deck for the first time I was immediately struck by the high quality and substantial feel of the cards. The image colors are luscious and the matte finish of the cards invite you right in. As an oracle, each blessings card represents a deep mystery that offers guidance, support, and the potential for personal growth. As such I find it an ideal deck for the one-card weekly reading she suggests. The well-written guidebook offers a concise introduction to each card and then its possible oracular meaning. Readers will likely feel the kindness, love, and support offered with each message – truly a blessing! I will keep this deck in my small basket of “go to” decks. The Sacred Blessings Oracle Cards are a welcome and unique contribution to the oracle tradition!”

Kate Warwick-Smith: author of The Tarot Court Cards.

“Eveningstar’s Sacred Blessings Oracle Cards are more than just beautiful and insightful; they actually cause the world’s frenzy to slow down and allow us to go on journeys of deep self-discovery. The text aligned with each card is filled with channeled wisdom that challenges and broadens our sensing of reality. That, combined with the sheer beauty of each card, which itself causes us to get out of our own way, helps us grow and approach becoming our better selves. They are a divine way to start each day aligned with the goal of reminding ourselves that we are more than our physical being.”

Verified Purchase

“Wow wow wow!!! Amazing cards. Amazing experience.”

John Matthews: co-author of The Wildwood Tarot and The Beowulf Oracle.

“A gentle and delightful exploration of what it means to be human and how connecting with the spirituality of the universe can make us better people”

Verified Purchase

“A beautiful deck. Love it!!!”

Verified Purchase

“I was impressed by the kind messages. The cards show beautiful artwork.”

Verified Purchase

“I love my Sacred Blessings Oracle Cards. They are beautiful and I enjoy using them.”

Verified Purchase

“The Sacred Blessings cards and accompanying guidebook gift us all with so much wisdom and knowledge and beauty. The cards themselves are sumptuous and inspire us to go even deeper into each card’s message. Sitting in stillness and mindfulness with each card enriches the life we lead right now and illuminates the possibilities for our future. Thank you for your blessings, Eveningstar.

Kate Warwick-Smith: author of The Tarot Court Cards.

“The artistry of the recently published boxed set of Sacred Blessings Oracle Cards is wonderful and an exceptional achievement.”

Verified purchase, Italy

"Stunning oracle. Beautiful cards of good quality, matte finish. To the touch they seem almost velvety. The illustrations are magical. I don't get tired looking at them."

Picture of Verified purchase, USA

Verified purchase, USA

"Gorgeous cards as pictured and described. I felt instantly drawn to these cards. They are beautiful."

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