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NB: Animal Dreaming Publishing does not accept unsolicited manuscript submissions for the purpose of traditional publishing. We ONLY traditionally publish by INVITATION ONLY, and only authors who are recognized for their work, and who have an established public following with a healthy fan-base on all social media platforms. If you are looking to GET PUBLISHED with Animal Dreaming Publishing therefore, we invite you to submit with the intention of self-publishing.

Animal Dreaming only accepts self-publishing submissions by prior arrangement.

Whether or not you’re an established author or a would-be self-published author, Animal Dreaming Publishing asks that you, to avoid confusion or the risk of manuscripts getting lost – contact us by email introducing yourself BEFORE submitting your manuscript. Once we’ve received your email and we’ve had a chance to consider it, we will then send you an invitation to submit.

All manuscript submissions must be in writing.

As a hybrid publishing company that offers both traditional and assisted self-publishing services, Animal Dreaming Publishing provides no restrictions when it comes to concept and ideas. In fact, we welcome all proposals aimed at a general trade market, including mind-body-spirit, family, fiction and general non-fiction.

We require all hard copy submissions to be:

We also ask that you answer these simple questions as your answers will allow our publishing staff to determine how best to design, package, and market and distribute your proposal:


Before submitting a manuscript for a CHILDREN’S PICTURE BOOK or NOVEL, please take the time to read the invaluable advice offered by Australia’s leading children’s author MEM FOX, including her 20 DO’S AND DON’TS of how to write for children if you’re serious about writing a successful novel or picture book for kids.

Whether you’re an established author or a would-be self-published writer, Animal Dreaming Publishing will provide full assessment and editorial services of your manuscript. In fact, we will be in constant communication with you, personally coaching and mentoring you through the entire process.

If you wish your manuscript returned, please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. In most cases, you should hear from us in four to six weeks.

We require all manuscripts to be submitted (along with the above required information) by post and EMAIL

Animal Dreaming Publishing
PO Box 672
Samford Village. QLD 4520

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