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Rachel Grace
Featured Author

is the author of
Numerology Cards
40 cards with Guidebook

Rachel Grace is a Sydney-based International Medium, Spiritual Adviser, Psychic, Author and Educator. Along with her love for private readings, Rachel’s true passion lies in spiritual teaching.

She is the CEO and Founder of the Rachel Grace International Academy of Metaphysics and has developed numerous courses and workshops ranging from Spiritual Development, Metaphysical training, Tarot and Numerology, Advanced Psychic and Mediumship Certification to private mentoring.

Rachel is also the facilitator of the monthly Sacred Space online classroom and she also has a metaphysical store with her own product lines consisting of Sacred Scents and Essential oils.

Rachel’s beautiful set of 40 Numerology Cards have been designed for the use of bringing Numerology into your readings and for personal use as an educational tool. Combining the original Pythagoras system with Western methods, these cards reflect the true Universal wisdom and meaning of the calculated Life Path, Personal Year, Universal Year, Life Lessons as well as Destiny, Hearts Desire and Personality.

The 40 cards are not only limited to the intended true meaning of Numerology, but may also be used as Oracle cards that provide guidance for day to day opportunities, lessons, as well as various suggested cards spreads that are explained in the 112-page guidebook.

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