ATTENTION: Emerging Authors & Purpose-Inspired Business Owners


We’d like to invite you to the

Animal Dreaming Publishing

3 Day Writer’s Empowerment Conference 2019

 Facilitated by Maria Elita & Scott Alexander King

When: October 25 – 27, 2019

Where: Mercure Gold Coast Resort

Time: 9.30am – 4.30 pm



DAY 1 – Bringing your dreams to fruition by way of Manifesting Miracles and Natural Magic.

Why a foundation of faith and a belief in natural magic can strengthen and support Your Journey to Success in the spiritual industry.



DAY 2 – How to turn a passion for writing into a career as a Published Author.

DAY 3 – How to run a booming  business in the New Age industry.




DAY 1 – Manifesting Miracles and Natural Magic.

DAY 2 – How to turn a passion for writing into a career as a Published Author.

DAY 3 – How to run a booming  business in the New Age industry.        



‘Messages from Spirit’, with Maria and Scott.





Special Offer: Because we understand everyone has different life commitments, this year you are welcome to either book all three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) of the conference as a single package (for super inspiration), or – if you are time-poor like many of us these day – you can tailor your experience by only booking either day one (Friday) on its own, or the weekend (Saturday and Sunday). Whatever you choose, just know you will walk away inspired, excited and well-equipped to start the new phase of your purposeful life!

While we are offering day one (Friday) as a stand-alone workshop, please note the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) can only be booked as a two-day course. It will not be possible to book a ticket for just Saturday or just Sunday. Remember though, all three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) can be booked under the one ticket, at a special price.

  • Do you feel deep within you a ‘calling’ to help better the planet?
  • Have you a relentless & burning desire to make your mark on the world?
  • Are you constantly stalked with thoughts of becoming an aspiring published author?
  • Do you long to be the successful owner of a purpose-inspired business that encourages many?

If you’ve answered YES to any or all these questions .. that’s wonderful, remarkable and entirely momentous! Why? Because we know that discontent feeling you have (the one that never goes away) and we want to offer you the most practical skills and demonstrated know-how, to activate this calling .. immediately.

The truth is, there is no mistake that you are reading this right now. And it is not a coincidence that you’ve had a longing to leave a global legacy for future generations – this yearning is what has inspired many great leaders of the past! But at the same time we understand the challenges for most people are .. they just don’t know where to start, or they quit before success ever happens!  Does this ring a bell for you too?

Scott & Maria are here to help get you started in a potent and profound way, and if you have ever quit before (it’s OK, most of us have!) we’re going to re-ignite that purpose-inspired flame that lives in the core of your belly and desperately wants to be activated again.

The 2019 Writer’s Empowerment Conference has been created to give you both a SOLID START on your journey to success – whether you want to publish a life-changing book, and/or create a soulful empire, AND give you a deserved HEADSTART on matters of successful business creation.



We believe, it is the Divine Time to


right now!




Your Journey to Success 2018 accomodation

To receive your accommodation discount call Hotel Reservations on (07) 5555 7700. Be sure to mention that you are a part of the Animal Dreaming Group

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