2022 Online Writers’ Empowerment Conference

Saturday August 27
10am – 4.30pm

Sunday August 28
10am – 4.30pm

Monday August 29
10am – 4.30pm


How to run a successful spiritual business in the technological age.

Or … how to turn your published book into the most powerful business card you’ll ever need.

If you’re someone who has a spiritual business; is a healer, practitioner, therapist, a card reader or someone who just wants to leave the corporate world to start their own spiritual-based business – this is the ‘how to get started’ workshop you’ve been praying for!


During this workshop, you learn about:
  • Marketing, Branding and Building your business.
  • Selling your books like ‘best sellers’

We will also welcome two VERY SPECIAL GUESTS who work in the book industry as both BUYERS and SELLERS. These special guests will share with you what they look for when buying a book to stock on their shelf, and what goes into selling that book. They will share what you can do to support them as the potential buyer and seller of your book, while offering advice as to what you can do to make their job easier and more pleasurable and, ultimately, more successful.

And at the conclusion of DAY THREE, all participants will be warmly invited to participate in a Q&A session with Scott, Trudy and Maria.

But, before any more is revealed, there are SEVEN Questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you have spiritual goods and/or healing services you’d like to promote and earn an income from?
  • Are you stuck in the rat-race of work, work, work – and want an emotionally rewarding change?
  • Have you become a spiritual workshop addict, attending workshop after workshop and would like to make the knowledge gleaned financially worthwhile, and spiritually work for you?
  • Do you feel an absolute calling to showcase your spirituality, to make a real difference to the world and for your path to support you and your family on all levels?
  • Would you like to experience what it means to be fully in charge of your own destiny? To truly value your path and the work that you do? To only be accountable to yourself and to live your life’s purpose?
  • Is your spiritual business doing ‘okay’? Do you believe it could be doing more? Do you want to take it to the next level quickly?
  • Do you have a vision of where you’d like you and your business to be … but have no idea of how to build your profile and bring your dream it to fruition?
  • Have you ever considered that, as an author, your book is actually the most powerful business card you will ever need?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, then this really is a ‘must-attend-workshop’ for you!

This will be one of the most valuable days of your life if you want to create a Spiritual Business that not only makes you feel great and alive, which however is financially rewarding for you as well.  Maria and Scott are not only two of Australia’s most respected spiritual teachers and published authors – they have also bravely owned and run successful retail-and-service-based businesses in both the mainstream and spiritual arenas, and now they want to share their expertise (on various levels, within the Food / Hospitality and Mind Body Spirit industries) with you!

Learn from their mistakes and successes; from their combined decades of experience in a competitive industry that offers more than just ‘Love and Light’ and the influences and inspirations that both inspired and hampered the early stages of their individual careers.


This is indeed a rare opportunity to be candidly coached on the highlights and pitfalls of the industry by two ‘spiritual teachers’ who have also run respected ‘goods and services’ businesses that helped catapult their individual careers:

Maria and Scott will offer a personal step by step guide on how to:
  • Powerfully brand yourself and make an impact
  • Take advantage of Social Media and Networking
  • Effectively Market yourself (like a Pro!)
  • Build your profile in a lasting manner
  • Build credibility with your potential clients and the New Age industry
  • Save thousands of dollars on useless advertising campaigns (both Maria and Scott have done this … and don’t want you to follow in their footsteps!)
  • Delete poverty mentality and subconscious fear of success FOREVER!
  • Clear ‘abundance blocks’ (past-life and beyond) that have hampered you and your business’ growth
  • Understand and embrace the TRUE meaning of the Law of Abundance and how you can make it work for you and your business
  • Learn to believe in yourself and to trust and value your gifts and abilities
  • Learn what the expression ‘to DRUM UP BUSINESS’ actually means
  • Learn what animals, crystals, herbs and other natural symbols and ‘tools’ can be invoked and employed to your business’ advantage
  • Take your business from ‘Slow’ to ‘Go! Go! Go!’
  • Earn a Champagne income on a Beer budget (not the other way around!)

During this workshop we will discuss:

  • Getting honest;
  • Sharing our stories;
  • ‘Failure’ vs. ‘Success’ and what this really means;
  • Developing faith and trust in yourself;
  • Setting vision for business;
  • Understanding ‘core energy’;
  • Defining business energy;
  • Identifying their gifts, strengths and weaknesses;
  • Clearing abundance blocks;
  • Identify personal boundaries;
  • Setting realistic goals;
  • Creating a ‘divine plan’;
  • Life Purpose – what does this even mean?
  • Grounding your business;
  • Actioning your soul’s calling / purpose;
  • Dollars and figures: Creating a Champagne income;
  • The hidden costs / realistic profit;
  • Maintaining focus and faith during the slump times;
  • The cycle and soul of your business (It’s a living thing, after all!);
  • Marketing;
  • Branding;
  • Networking, etc.
Learn, too, how to effectively promote yourself as an author by establishing a profile, getting your work ‘out there’, building an audience, and marketing and branding yourself and earning an income from your writing, both short term and long term.

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