Join Lisa WilliamsINTERNATIONAL PSYCHIC MEDIUM – on the evening of Saturday October 20 (7.30pm – 9pm) for a TRANCE MEDIUMSHIP DEMONSTRATION. As well as being an experienced and internationally recognised psychic medium, Lisa Williams is also a trance channel for the Council of Elders. The conduit for two in particular, Lisa respectfully refers to them as ‘The Masters’, and relays their messages of love, guidance, inspiration and spiritual wisdom during live presentations and channelled writings.

This is your opportunity to interact with the Masters and to discover the answers to the questions you’ve been mulling over.  Questions like: What is the Afterlife really like? What is the purpose of mankind on this earthly plane? Are there other forms of life in our universe, and are they communicating with us? Participants of this event will receive the opportunity to learn more about their journey through life as the Masters communicate and candidly share their wisdom and insight.

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience Spirit in its purest form.

PLEASE NOTE: This will not be a ‘scary’ experience. Rather, it will be a beautiful and sacred connection. However, please be aware that once the trance demonstration begins, no one will be permitted to leave the room until the demonstration concludes (a duration of approximately one hour).


Tickets will be sold independent of the conference admission

Ticket price: $88 pp






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