Authors and Artists


Bonnie Baty_Author
Bonnie Baty
Bianca Adkins _ Lenny the Oyster _ Animal Dreaming Publishing
Bianca Adkins
Jill Crozier _ The Adventures of Mystic and Rosemary_ Animal Dreaming Publishing
Jill Crozier
Bianca Lentini_Artist_Animal Dreaming Publishing
Bianca Lentini
Melissa Evans_Author_Animal Dreaming Publishing_Positive Affirmation Cards
Melissa Evans
Jane Marin_Artist Animal Dreaming Publishing _ creature teacher oracle
Jane Marin
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BJ Allen
No Image Available
Taylor Zoe
No Image Available
Lenny Marignier
Pixie Rose_Author
Pixie Rose
Lida Barmala_Author
Lida Barmala
Jo Newman_Author
Jo Newman
Katha Sager_Author
Katha Sager
Coco Krulis_Author
Courtney Krulis
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Amanda Clark_Artist_Animal Dreaming Publishing_Earth Angel Message Cards
Amanda Clark
Carmen Moors_Author
Carmen Moors
Margaret Flavell_Author
Margaret Flavell
Rod Painter_Author
Rod Painter
Narelle Hudson_Author
Narelle Hudson