BJ Allen

BJ Allen is a seasoned professional with a broad medical services back-ground in general and mental health, as well as education, training, change management and leadership.

She has over twenty-five years of experience in the training arena where she has contributed to courses within several fields, which includes: Bachelor of Nursing, Occupational Health and Safety, Health Promotion, Interpersonal Skills Development and Behaviour Change through the creation of self-directed learning programs. Her verbal and communication skills are unparalleled as is her ability to deliver seamlessly beyond expectations.

As a Director of Matrix Initiatives Pty Ltd, she provided consulting services to public sector government departments and businesses in the private sector, effectively delivering management consulting services including organisational review, strategic planning, learning and development, education and training courses developed by her.

BJ’s lifelong connection and sensitivity to animals and the natural world, combined with her continuing interest and study of behavioural science, philosophy, comparative religion, and the ancient spiritual teachings and practices of traditional cultures around the world, led to her current work.

BJ combines a professional level of knowledge and experience in the biological and behavioural sciences, pertaining to both humans and animals, with her skills as an educator and passion to inspire greater understanding and appreciation of the deep connection and kinship we have with animals and the natural world.

Her work includes demonstrations, teaching and writing. Several of her articles have been published in an international journal dedicated specifically to esoteric philosophy; a philosophy that continues to inform her work with animals and humans.

More about BJ’s work can be found on the website:

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