Claire Swinney

Claire Swinney is a Byron Bay-based writer, psychic channel, meta-physical counsellor, and workshop facilitator with over 33 years of experience in healing and teaching in both Perth and Byron Bay.

Claire’s healing career has varied greatly, including teaching psychic development courses, facilitating retreats and experiential workshops with crystals and Nature, and deep work with private clients. In past residential retreats, she has used the healing energies found in Nature to support participants as they process hurt and rejoice with Nature once this is complete.

Claire works with respect, tenacity, sincere compassion, and kindness using past life regression techniques to heal past and present life trauma and ancestral wounding. She has also had the privilege of working with many adults wanting to heal from their trauma of being sexually abused as children.

In recent years, Claire has answered a calling to speak on behalf of the Nature Spirits and the Fae. This new direction as a Nature Communication Specialist encompasses these oracle cards, The Nature Oracle: Healing Messages from Earth, Sea, Stars and Sky, and her upcoming book, Forest Dreaming.

After Claire’s husband, Graham, unexpectedly passed in 2008, her writing took a new direction. Graham approached her in Spirit to write a book about his healing journey before and after death. Afterlife: A Soul’s Journey of Life, Death and Beyond was published in 2015.

While grieving, Claire found her greatest healing and inspiration through connecting to Nature. Personal spiritual ‘Nature safaris’ in Australia, the US, the UK, and Ireland brought profound healing and unusual exchanges of information with Nature Beings.

Claire looks forward to using The Nature Oracle: Healing Messages from Earth, Sea, Stars and Sky, and its sister book, Forest Dreaming to help people connect to Nature Spirits and the Fae to bring about deep transformation in their lives.

Claire offers workshops, training programs, webinars, and online tutorials for a wider worldwide audience.

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