Jill Crozier

Jill Crozier is a wife, mother, and farmer who lives on a working sheep farm in outback New South Wales. Life in the bush is not always easy, but when you share your life with animals and those you love, the journey becomes magical. Jill’s first book, ‘The Adventures of Mystic and Rosemary’, tells the tale of two unloved but magical horses who, needing to be rehomed and given a forever home, came to live on Jill’s farm, changing her life forever. Living an isolated life on a remote farm, Jill soon realised the two horses could offer her just as much, if not more, as to what she was able to offer them. By simply allowing their light to shine, Rosemary and Mystic selflessly showed Jill the true meaning of friendship and acceptance. By writing ‘The Adventures of Mystic and Rosemary’, it was Jill’s intention to share the joy of Love and Healing she found when she first welcomed these two unlikely heroes into her life with everyone who reads it … no matter where they live or how old they may be.

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