Jo Newman

Jo Newman has established a solid foundation from which to write for children. A storyteller from a young age, Jo would pass the hours playing with her beloved dog, ‘imaginary friends’ and drinking cups of tea with her elderly neighbour with whom she would share tales about her fantasy world. Sunday mornings became dedicated to storytelling, as big sister Jo created stories from the pages of the much-treasured children’s encyclopedias (of which Jo could read very few words) and entertainingly shared them with her sisters. Inevitably, even from a young age, Jo the author was innately revealing her life’s purpose. Jo is the mother of three adult children, a primary school teacher of over 30 years and a practiced writer who majored in Children’s Literature and Art. She holds a Diploma of Writing for Children and was a member of the Barossa Writers Group, South Australia for many years. Jo is a published poet and has won awards writing for children. Jo specialised in teaching literacy, and with a focus on early intervention, she mentored teachers, preservice teachers and parents regarding teaching children to read and write. Jo has worked closely with children of various ages and abilities, including children with special needs. Jo’s passion, genuine empathy and understanding of children undeniably shines through in her writing.

An esteemed psychic, medium and spiritual educator, Jo holds numerous credentials in alternative healing. She teaches spiritual classes and practises meditation. Jo is trusted and highly respected by others for her authentic, gentle, and patient nature.

Being extremely passionate about supporting children, spreading hope, love and healing, Jo’s children’s books speak with a voice of optimism, inspirational love and positive energy; qualities fundamental for shaping the minds of our future generation.

Website coming soon: Follow Jo on her FB page: ‘Jo Newman, Psychic, Medium, Spiritual Adviser, Author.’

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