Residing in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia, you’ll find Leanne Winston, an internationally renowned Psychic Medium and Author who was blessed as a child to be able to communicate with loved ones in the Spirit Realm.

Leanne is a loving wife and mother of two beautiful daughters. Her family have supported her along her journey as she shares her amazing gift with others.

Leanne has had the pleasure of studying under some well-known mentors such as Lisa Williams and Tony Stockwell. In 2010 Leanne started sharing her gift helping many to connect with their family and friends. Then in 2016 Leanne found a passion in teaching, mentoring, and helping others to connect through the spiritual development classes she facilitated and ran.

Leanne has travelled throughout Australia, interacting with live audiences delivering unbelievably accurate messages from loved ones who have crossed over. Leanne’s amazing abilities have helped many find peace, comfort, and closure.

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