Lenny Marignier

Lenny Marignier (born 19th of December, 1994 in Val-de- Marne) is a French-born, Australian-raised artist, writer and filmmaker, currently based in Denmark. His artwork has been exhibited around the United Kingdom and the United States and he has worked on other film and art projects in Australia, England, France and Iceland.

Marignier has a Bachelor of Arts degree in writing and directing for film from Metropolitan Film School, part of the University of West London, and a Master of Arts degree in Illustration from the University of Brighton.

His freelance work has led him to illustrate and design books, covers and card decks for various clients around the world. He also runs his online store on Redbubble, where he designs his own merchandise and accessories under the name of Reefrunner Art.

His artwork attempts to blend several stylistic influences, from neo-traditional, geometric and Japanese tattoo art to fantasy and science-fiction film and book design. He quotes his favourite artists as Chris Lovell, Rachi Park, HR Giger, Marc McBride and Horiyoshi III. His preferred medium is a mix of ethanol and ink with the occasional addition of acrylics, however in recent years, he has increased his usage of digital art, especially for commission work and his merchandise designs.

Thematically, Marignier’s art is influenced by a mix of political and personal motifs. He has used his work to explore and express his concerns for the environment, racial, sexual and other social issues, as well as mental health, relationships and substance abuse. Having grown up in international environments, he has developed a passion for languages and culture. The influence of both features prominently in his artwork.

Marignier hopes to extend his work to writing and illustrating graphic novels, tattooing, feature filmmaking and his own solo exhibits, as well as travelling the world while doing so. He hopes that through his artwork he can reach an audience whose awareness of world issues, both personal and political can be heightened as a result.

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