Lida Barmala

Lida Barmala is a spiritual archaeologist, seer and empath, medium, spiritual reader and a dreamer. She was born in Tehran, capital of Iran. She became aware of her spiritual gifts when she was around three to four years old when she started to see and feel spirits and angels and began to communicate with them. At the same time, her Egyptian dreams started. Her love of Egypt and her Pharaoh (also known as her twin flame) help her get through the challenges and difficulties in life. (The story of Lida’s life is currently being written and will be released sometime in the future.)

Lida studied archaeology as a Bachelor degree and for her Master’s she studied ancient culture and languages, all the time craving for Egypt and wanting to go there. When she was 27 years old, she came to live in Sydney, Australia. This was also the year her father died of cancer, causing her to undergo lots of spiritual changes.

Finally, in 2016 when she was 31, Lida went to Egypt for the first time in this life. While she was there, she remembered many past lives and felt a need to go and live in Egypt. However, life didn’t work out that way, with nothing going in the direction she’d hoped it would. During this time, there were a few things that came to her to do 118 Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Oracle Cards Guidebook instead. Writing the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Oracle Cards was one of them.

She knows this is only the beginning of her spiritual archaeology path. Her whole life has been about Egypt and her pharaoh. Everything she has chosen and experienced until now has led her to Egypt.

With the spiritual archaeology included in this oracle, you can live, feel and experience ancient Egypt. As we know, there is no past or future. All are in the same line, and you have the ability to see what you need to see through the use of these cards.

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