William Whitecloud

William Whitecloud grew up in the small African country of Eswatini, immersed in the supernatural worldview of the tribes-people around him. This magical association was reinforced when he immigrated to Australia in 1983 and began speculating in global financial money markets, using profoundly esoteric methods for predicting market movements.

Over time William’s attention shifted from observing phenomena at work outside himself to finding ways he could practically apply magic to creating what truly mattered to him in his own life. This search brought him into contact with the alchemical principles of Hermetic Philosophy and the ideas of Robert Fritz, founder of Technologies for Creating. Within months, William had begun to study and teach these superbly effective modalities for reconnecting with and manifesting what is truly important to the human spirit.

In 1996 William founded the precursor to his Natural Success program, dedicated to empowering participants live their authentic natures and purposes. Through his involvement in the program, he has worked one-on-one with thousands of individuals over periods of two to three years or more, coaching them in bringing their dreams into reality. His search to discern the essence of what it takes for people to connect with and live from their creative spirits led him to the observation that a person’s level of creativity determines their level of natural success in life and inspired him to develop a curriculum dedicated to serving people in operating on their highest creative frequency.

William now lives in Santa Monica, California, one of the most creative centres in the world, where he devotes his time to coaching, writing, film making, and letting life unfold by magic.

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