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Okay so, you’ve decided to go down the self-publishing path, and you’ve finally finished your manuscript. You’ve read it over and over again. You’ve made heaps of changes and fixed all the spelling and grammatical errors. You’ve even had friends and family read over it and, while they picked up a few things that you missed, they all agree it’s ready to go to print, right? Wrong. You might not know it, but all professional writers have their work edited by professional editors.

No professional author would dream of allowing their work to go to print without being fully edited. It is our editor’s job, therefore, to work closely with you to ensure your finished book is perfect. So, please understand that all manuscripts submitted to Animal Dreaming Publishing will be fully edited by Animal Dreaming Publishing as a matter of due course, even if your manuscript has already been proof read or edited prior to being sent to us. Similarly, we also reserve the right to manage all layout and design to ensure the highest and most professional level of finish.

While you may be the author, and we may be working on your book with you – at the end of the day, it is Animal Dreaming Publishing’s reputation as ‘your publisher’ that will be affected if your published book is riddled with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. How the book looks and feels will also come down to the level of care Animal Dreaming Publishing invests in the finished product.

Animal Dreaming Publishing only wants to produce books of the highest quality, so we ask that you work with us to guarantee that your book fits that description.

Please note: your personal information will never be shared with anyone, for any reason.

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Please note that by filling out this form, you’re not only giving permission for a member of the Animal Dreaming Publishing Team to contact you with the purpose of discussing publishing a book, oracle card set or some other product, you’re inviting us to.


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