Covid-19 Announcement

PAGE UPDATED 24/03/2020


Dear Everyone,

As a global community, we are currently facing an unprecedented challenge with the rapid spread of COVID-19, or novel coronavirus.

With this in mind, Animal Dreaming thought it best to provide an update as to what we are doing to keep our clients, customers and our team safe during this worrying time.

Because AD / ADP is primarily an online business, we are currently operating as normal in terms of fulfilling our client commitments and doing our best to process and dispatch orders as efficiently as possible.

We have instituted heightened hygiene procedures and policies for all AD staff, and have cancelled all external meetings and visitors to our office.

With the majority of our team now working remotely from home, any AD staff member who feels unwell will not be coming to work, while being actively supported by the company to ensure they only return to work once they have a clean bill of health.

Although we are working hard to minimise the impact of this crisis on our customers and clients, please understand there is a big possibility that we may encounter unavoidable communication breakdowns, delays in email replies and the answering of the office telephone. We may also experience issues with the availability of stock and delays in shipping of orders, depending on how the situation continues to develop.

Should we encounter any difficulties, we will communicate with you in a clear and transparent way what the issues are, and how we plan to mitigate them.

Our team is working very hard behind the scenes to plan for a variety of contingencies, and are committed to ensuring that we continue to operate as smoothly as possible during this trying time.

As previously announced, a ‘human biosecurity act’ has been declared. We understand that we are facing a six month challenge at the very least, with international and interstate travel bans now in place for the first time in history. It’s getting serious, and it may last longer than six months but, we are told, it won’t be shorter.

So, while keeping in mind the self-isolation and social distancing rules that are now firmly in place, the format of the large events we run; events such as our Writers Empowerment Conference, and the events we have planned for Canada in August and September, 2020, are currently being reviewed.

Regarding the Writer’s Empowerment Conference in particular: while we remain optimistic that the threat of infection will have passed, and the social distancing rules lifted by the time November comes around (in which case, the Conference will go ahead), if things remain the same and do not improve, Animal Dreaming is currently making changes to the Conference so that, if need be, it can be presented online, as an interactive, ticketed webinar. In short, we plan to move into what feels like an uncertain future on a ‘watch and act’ basis, while making all the necessary changes to ensure the path ahead is kept free of obstacles.

Our smaller events, such as the Intuition Tuition Boot Camp in Victoria, have all been cancelled. Please note that everyone who has formally booked in will be notified over the coming days.

It’s good to remember that even during good times, our larger events (events that last longer than one day) are typically ’boutique’ in style, meaning they are generally under the 100-person count, facilitated in well ventilated ballrooms at world class resort-style venues that must adhere to the strict guidelines laid down by our government health bodies, while our smaller events (events that last for one day, part of a day or an evening) are usually partially facilitated outdoors, with less than 40 people in attendance.

We encourage all of our clients and customers to be aware of health and community guidelines around minimising your risks. You can find resources HERE.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of Animal Dreaming and Animal Dreaming Publishing, and our wonderful authors and the Aussie distributors and international booksellers that carry our titles. Please stay safe everyone.

Trudy and Scott, Animal Dreaming Publishing


About Animal Dreaming Publishing

Founded in Lismore, far-north NSW, Animal Dreaming Publishing is a global publishing company, with authors based all over the world – namely Canada, North America, South America, Sweden, the UK and Australia.

A family owned, in-house publishing company that employs designers, artists, editors, social media specialists, marketing experts and book distributors both within and outside Australia, Animal Dreaming Publishing’s titles are shipped world wide, and are sold into retail stores with the support of our wholesale distribution partners in the UK, Europe, North and South America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Animal Dreaming Publishing is unique in that we are a hybrid publishing company (a name coined by our London distribution partner), which means we both traditionally publish and assist writers to self-publish under the same label.

While Animal Dreaming Publishing is currently anchored deeply in the New Age / Spiritual / Mind Body Spirit industry, we are soon to launch a mass-market imprint called Five Kings Press, which will target mainstream readers and retail book stores.

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