About The Founders of Animal Dreaming Publishing

Founded in 2003 by Scott and Trudy King, ANIMAL DREAMING was conceived as a way of promoting Scott’s first self-published book by the same name.

Having previously produced a black-line teacher’s resource book for primary age school students (published through Macmillan), and after being actively involved as a contributing author for the Nelson Series of Sunshine Books for the emergent reader as a Primary School Teacher, Scott was naturally frustrated and downhearted by the simple truth that no publishing company in Australia (or overseas) was willing to publish his first spiritually-themed book, Animal Dreaming, which they narrow-mindedly deemed ‘too Australian’. So, after a good and long discussion with the then Australian-based representatives of best-selling author Caroline Myss, who both encouraged him to follow Caroline’s lead and self-publish, he did … and now, almost 15 years later, he is very grateful that he took their advice.

With several books, oracle cards and CDs under his belt, ANIMAL DREAMING is now an internationally recognised brand, with Scott himself published by three different publishing houses since his humble beginnings. Despite his runaway success as a traditionally published author, however, Scott and ANIMAL DREAMING have decided to return to their self-publishing roots and, as a result, Animal Dreaming Publishing was conceived one rainy Sunday afternoon.

Animal Dreaming Publishing is an Australian-owned hybrid publishing company that successfully combines both assisted self-publishing and traditional publishing under the one publishing label. Based in the picturesque Northern Rivers Hinterland of Northern New South Wales, Animal Dreaming Publishing has a preference for Australian authors, but welcomes interest from international authors, be they established or just emerging.

Animal Dreaming Publishing favours the mind-body-spirit, family, fiction, and general non-fiction genres.

At Animal Dreaming Publishing we vow to transform your raw manuscript into a professionally published book. For our self-published clients, we do this by tailoring a package to specifically target your requirements that includes a variety of professional services that will ensure your work is published at the highest of standards. Not only that but you – as the self-published author – will retain 100% publishing rights, 100% financial returns (after distribution costs are deducted) and complete control over the production of your book from start to finish.

Scott and Trudy King

Why have we chosen the Peacock as our emblem? According to Scott’s book, Animal Dreaming, the Peacock is a symbol of integrity that is known to always tell the truth. It is said that the Peacock simply cannot lie, and it ensures that those who look to its wisdom only ever speak the truth as well.

Peacock teaches us to hold our head up and be proud of who and what we are so that we may act and behave with integrity, honour and a pure heart.