Animal Dreaming Publishing likes to believe that, by offering every individual on the planet a chance to access their own STORY, honour their TRUTH, and to share their WISDOM – and to have their actions and achievements, voice, emotions and sentiments, ideas, values and beliefs, and intentions HEARD, ACKNOWLEDGED and APPRECIATED, we are helping to heal the planet one empowered author at a time. 

Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has something that makes their time on this planet meaningful and unique. Everyone has something powerful to offer; insight and knowledge that, if they were to speak up and share, would change the lives of other people. The truth of the matter is, most people don’t value the knowledge they have trapped within their consciousness. They don’t value it because they either don’t feel valued by others or they don’t value themselves.

A wise man once told Scott that if, by sharing his story, he is able to help just one person – he has essentially fulfilled his life purpose. By helping just one person, his story has made a difference to the planet, without him needing to do anything more – because that one person will take what they’ve learned, and share it with another … and they will share it with another … and so on. Like a ripple, Scott’s story will touch many lives, by him simply sharing it with one other soul.

The point of all this is, if you have a story within you, and you know it’s there … then you have a RESPONSIBILITY to share it. By keeping your story trapped within you, you’re denying someone else the much needed wisdom they require to activate their healing – and in doing so, they will prevent someone else from realising their truth. By tapping into your personal memories and, on a deeper level, the sacred memory of your greater purpose, you will actually remember that what you have to share is valuable and worthy of being heard. What makes your story any less important than someone elses? What makes your story any less valuable than, say, your favourite ‘famous’ author? Nothing. The only difference is that, at some point in their timeline, your favourite ‘famous’ author woke up one morning and remembered that they were meant to share what they had learned by living their life, in their way, learning their lessons. They woke up one morning and started writing, and in the process they remembered something, and in doing so, decided to value themselves. And this is your chance to follow their lead. This is your chance to remember, record and share your wisdom, which can only be based on your own experiences, perceptions and the knowledge you’ve gleaned by living your life.

So find your sacred story and fulfill your self-made promise to share it with world.