Calling all Inspired Aussies! 

Join Animal Dreaming Publishing in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where you’re invited to be part of the 2020 Full Experience! 

The Full Experience is a full day, 12-hour long event, commencing at 10am, that sees the participants enjoy a sit down lunch and dinner shared with the Baird Family, personalised discussions around roaring fire pits and the chance to meet the majestic Gypsy Cob Horses that call Carmel Joy Baird’s  River Lane Ranch home. 

As you may know, Scott was one of the speakers invited to be part of this year’s program, which included – among other things – heaps of psychic and mediumship readings, Scott’s unique ‘spirit totem animal’ readings, a drumming circle, crystal grid healing, a guided meditative journey to meet your power animal, a talk centred on self-care and deep cellular healing, participant initiated discussions that focused on a range of spiritual and health related topics, and an impromptu dance party to get the energy pumping! There was even several vendor stands where the participants could go shopping because even retail therapy can be healing, right?

While the Full Experience is now over for 2019, Scott has already been invited to return to speak at the 2020 Full Experience in January (January 18 to be precise), which means it will be mid-winter at the Ranch. 

So, if you’d like to get involved; to take advantage of the rare opportunity to visit the Ranch when it’s blanketed in snow, CLICK HERE to book your ticket. 

Being a boutique event, The Full Experience books out fast (20+ tickets have already sold since it was first announced), so with spaces limited to 75 guests, it’s wise to get in quick. 

The theme for the 2020 Full Experience is ‘Winter is Coming’, so expect a full Canadian Winter with furs, fires and food – all housed in the Ranch’s cosy massive indoor arena. 

Winter is a time of sacred surrender. It’s is a time for practical, mature thinking, acceptance and letting go. Winter offers the opportunity to look at ourselves and say ‘I did the best I could with the resources at my disposal’. It’s then that it invites us to take a deep breath – and let it all go. All the worry, anxiety and ‘the need to know and understand’ can be handed over and surrendered to the Universe, for Winter is a time of endings, final stages, closure and death of the old or familiar self. 

Winter is indeed a powerful and magical time: a time to celebrate the wonders we have experienced during our life, but also a time to surrender control so that when we receive the opportunity to rebirth in the Spring, we are prepared. 

Make 2020 the most powerful year you’ve ever experienced 💙. Say goodbye to the old you and your old life, and join us at River Lane Ranch, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, as we say goodbye to everything that no longer serves while welcoming a fruitful, abundant new chapter of life. 

We hope to see you there. It’s going to be wonderful … and wintry cold! 


NB: Ticket price only includes inclusion to The Full Experience as a participant. It does not include the cost of travel, accommodation, meals (outside The Full Experience’s 12-hour program), or incidentals. Onus is on those booking tickets to book their own flights and all transfers to and from the event, to organise meals and to find their own accommodation in the Sherwood Park area (which is a short 15-minute Uber trip to the Ranch).

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