Join Animal Dreaming Publishing at The College of Psychic Studies (16 Queensberry Place, London) in June 2021.

After we attend the London MBS (as exhibitors and presenters) over the weekend of May 28-31 2021, Animal Dreaming Publishing is super excited to announce that co-founder, author and speaker, Scott Alexander King has been invited to teach at The College of Psychic Studies as a guest lecturer. Evening presentation: Wednesday June 2 and Thurs June 3.

Scott will offer a two-day experiential intensive focused on Animal Dreaming as a Living Philosophy over the weekend of Saturday June 5 and Sunday June 6.

  • As soon as the course content is finalised, it will be posted here.
  • As will your opportunity to book your ticket(s).

About the College of Psychic Studies:

The mission of the College of Psychic Studies is to be a beacon of light and learning for those who wish to explore a consciousness beyond matter. As a centre of excellence with a respected history in its field, the College of Psychic Studies strives to focus on the development and understanding of mediumship, psychic ability and healing while also embracing the growing capacity of science to explore and potentially explain such phenomena.

Each term, the College presents a variety of respected and well-known psychics, mediums, divination experts, energy workers and healers from all over the United Kingdom and abroad. Those wishing to attend lectures, meditation sessions, workshops or longer courses are encouraged to do so, especially when it is their desire to deepen their understanding and experience of the specialist subjects being offered through the College.

To visit the College website CLICK HERE

Watch a video on the College

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