Dr Linet Amalie has enjoyed a colourful and varied medical career spanning more than 30 years; a career that first saw her nursing in England and Europe, working in community health, and lecturing at a university level, to managing an international community health service and working on base alongside the Saudi Army for the King.

Here in Australia, Dr Linet has worked in both the private and public health sectors in roles that included insurance assessment, and, on a community level, policing, prisons and other forensic work, as well as mental health and immigration. After finally completing her career in private practice, Dr Linet now enjoys mentoring professional colleagues and co-workers in the spiritual industry.

During her time, Dr Linet has consistently worked on bettering herself on a professional level for the sake of both her clients and the greater community she worked for, enhancing her skills and knowledge by investing herself at every opportunity into further studies. Her commitment and dedication to her role has seen her complete a myriad of courses and ongoing professional development that includes two post graduate certificates, diplomas, two masters degrees and a doctorate in Pastoral Counseling.

Despite her passion for study and her hunger for knowledge Dr Linet recently surrendered her registration with the governing body, AHPRA, her Medicare provider number, after leaving private practice and, now, due to the commencement of a new chapter in life, has finally left the medical profession for good.

Walking away from her medical career hasn’t seen her turn her back on the medical world, however. The medical field continues to be an area Dr Linet is very passionate about. So much so, she has committed herself to authoring a series of professional resource manuals designed to help those in the Mind Body Spirit Industry better understand the clients they may take on and the industry they work in. Dr Linet hopes her books will provide a skill set, knowledge base and basic standard level for the psychic, spiritual complimentary therapy industry to work toward; a community she cares very deeply about but yearns to see become more professionally aware and prepared.



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