Gina M. Higgins is a 52-year-old mother of two adult children who lives in the sapphire city of Inverell, NSW. A psychic medium and Reiki Master, she has been running a small a home-based business over the last few years helping those that need assistance in life. Intuitive healing and reiki sessions or spiritual and guidance readings incorporating assertiveness coaching, spiritual and holistic counseling and stress management offer her clients the ability to move forward in life with more ease. Working from a place of love is the answer, and finding peace helps everything to fall into place. Gina’s no stranger to a life of stress and dis-harmony but has always put forward a happy positive attitude to get her to where she is now. Her spiritual journey over recent years has given her the courage to step out and into being more authentic. Her faith in what she believes has helped her improve her own well-being and be of service to help those that need help to find peace and healing on their journey.

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