Jo Buchanan worked as a primary school teacher in Melbourne and Sydney schools in the 1960s until she married jazz musician Tony Buchanan and had three children: Australian actors Miles, Beth and Simone Buchanan. For fifteen years, Jo worked on film and television sets as chaperone and schoolteacher to child actors. Then, after studying psychotherapy and becoming a qualified counsellor, Jo worked in the mental health industry. At the same time, she cared for her sister and nephew, both of whom lived with schizophrenia.

The year she turned fifty, Jo sold her house in order to finance her lifelong dream of exploring the sacred sites of Egypt, the Mayan jungles in Mexico and the Native American Indian reservations in Arizona where she was invited to participate in ancient traditional ceremonies. After reading an article Jo wrote about her adventures, the manager of a travel agency in Queensland, Janne Salo, offered Jo the job of escorting groups from Australia to explore the world’s most famous sacred sites – a brand new career destined to last another seventeen years.


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