Growing up in the 60s and 70s, Karin Dalton-Smith remembers her mother and her friends enjoying morning cups of tea together, giggling while reading the tea leaves left in their cups. Despite there being a few well-known tea leaf readers near Karin’s home town of Launceston, Tasmania, the art was considered something only ‘old ladies’ like mothers and grandmothers practiced. It wasn’t something a young girl would normally be interested in, that’s for sure! But, being the youngest of five children, Karin enjoyed more one on one time with her mother than her siblings did due to them being at school, which allowed the ancient art of tea leaf reading to ingrain itself naturally in her consciousness as easily as learning to read and write. Today, Karin lives in Victoria with her husband and her beloved cats, where she has a private tea room in her home dedicated solely to offering tea cup readings for a wide variety of clients. Tea leaf reading remains Karin’s passion, and as a result, is a celebrated reader in her own right.

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