Timothy Nilsson became a certified Medium and Healer in 2016 after studying for two years. He has also spent years in spiritual training. When he was a child, Tim could communicate with spirits from the other side and guides from other dimensions. Spirituality, nature, healing and animals are his biggest passions. Timothy’s biggest childhood dream was to become a Medium and Healer, and to help people find spiritual guidance and healing. He has had challenges in life that he has overcome, which he now understands were necessary. One of these was ten years of daily bullying at school and in general. He now sees the experiences as necessary and that by meeting the various obstacles in life, it has led to rich life experiences, a deeper under-standing of other people, himself, and obtaining greater wisdom. He also knows it’s all just the beginning of a long journey. You can learn more about him by visiting his official website: www.universaloath.com

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