365 – Awakening the Enchanted Soul in 365 Days

A self-published title

Written by: Nicolas Awakening (Nick Bibes)
Illustrated by: Bella Finch

PAPERBACK 400 pages

Self-empowerment / Affirmation / Positive Thinking

RRP: $34.95

ISBN: 978-0-9941581-6-1

Dimensions: 235mm x 155mm

$34.95 (AUD)


‘Nick is one of the most optimistic people I have ever met. Even on the darkest of days, his simple affirmation, “It’s all good, Bud” is all he needs to say to put me back on track. To be able to have his tried and true positive words available 365 days a year is nothing short of a blessing.’ Scott Alexander King, bestselling author of ANIMAL DREAMING


The only way to start a new life is to first make the decision to change and then take one step at a time. It’s as simple as asking yourself whether you want to continue doing what you’ve always done, hoping that things will improve on their own, or if you want to take your life in a new direction by mapping out a journey of intention? Maybe you’re stuck in old habits, repeating all the things you’ve done in the past because they’re safe and familiar. Ask yourself if you’re brave enough to break free of your fear, your mundane routine, your old ways, and strike out in a direction you’ve never considered before, an adventure of the soul where you follow your heart instead of your head. To put it simply, it’s about finally choosing a path to follow, and committing to follow it until its end. As Nicolas says, ‘This book is an account of my personal journey, from when I found the courage to break free of the false belief, indoctrination and fear that had become my life, to when I embarked on my adventure of self-discovery and healing, and beyond. I recorded my life-affirming experiences as short but inspiring affirmation-styled stories, written in sequence as to the lessons and revelations I was having at the time. Essentially, I recorded my journey as a diary, one entry per day, with the idea that should I ever need to be reminded of my time of awakening, I could relive my journey one page at a time. And it is with this intention that I invite you to travel with me, by beginning on the first page or perhaps choosing a page at random each morning, and reflecting on the affirmation you find there. No matter what day it is, start your journey today, and with me at your side as companion and friend, let’s go in search of the self-love that is Me, Myself and I.’

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 23.5 × 15.5 cm

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