Aussie Affirmation Cards

Written by Margaret Flavell and Carmen Moors

ISBN : 978-0-6451501-3-1

RRP : $29.95

45 cards

Box Dimensions : 170mm H x 125mm W

Card Dimensions : 105mm H x 70mm W

Available: October, 2021

$29.95 (AUD)


Australians are known for their easy-going nature and their ability to laugh things off. Like the Australian people, Aussie slang is pretty laid back, often providing a tongue in cheek and humorous response to many of life’s challenging situations.
Aussie slang is an informal and honest communication and we’ve captured it in the Aussie Affirmation Cards and given you a unique and fair dinkum way of finding your truth.
These cards are chock-a-block full of short and sharp spiritual messages that combine the wisdom of the universe with the true blue Aussie spirit. The cards will give it to you straight and tell you what you need to hear. The 46 affirmation-style cards will slip into your pocket or your bag so they can be carried wherever you go. They are ideal for instant, down-to-earth readings. If you’re looking for a simple card deck that’s not full of piss and wind, why don’t you give the Aussie Affirmation Cards a crack?

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 18 × 15 × 8 cm

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