Bitten by the Bug – Lyme Borreliosis in Australia

A self-published title

Written by: Arthur C. Johnson, retired Vet and Government-trained tick-borne disease Researcher

PAPERBACK 64 pages

Autobiography / Dealing with Grief / Lyme Borreliosis

RRP: $16.95

ISBN: 978-0-9941581-5-4

Dimensions: 200mm x 130mm

$16.95 (AUD)


Australia has a shameful secret … and it’s caused by a single bite from a tick. For years, patients have been told that the debilitating symptoms they were showing was due to anything but LYME DISEASE, being that Lyme disease is not known to exist in Australia. And while this may be true, what they are not being told is that there is a disease in Australia with symptoms just as devastating and just as real; a disease that, to all intents and purposes mirrors the symptoms of Lyme disease, in all its deadly glory. Read the self-published story of Arthur C. Johnson, a retired vet and government trained tick-born disease researcher and decide for yourself: Does Australia have a Ticking Time Bomb waiting to go off? This is a must have resource for anyone suffering from, or anyone who knows someone suffering from, symptoms similar to those offered by LYME DISEASE. This is a book that could make the world of difference to your chance of a full recovery and living a normal life.

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