Butterfly Spirit Oracle Cards

Written by Carmel Joy Baird

Illustrated by Scott Alexander King

60 cards with guidebook

Box dimensions 160mm x 125mm

Release date April 2022

$34.95 (AUD)

*Pre-order available


Ever since she was a little girl, author Carmel Joy Baird has seen, and sensed, the spirits of those who have crossed over from our world to the Realm of Spirit. The star of ‘Mom’s a Medium’, a two-season strong television show that followed her career as a professional psychic medium while showcasing her life as a mother, grandmother and wife (often with hilarious consequences), Carmel Joy Baird created her Butterfly Spirit Oracle Cards with the intention of developing the intuition and strengthening the connection to Spirit for those drawn to use them. Use the Butterfly Spirit Oracle Cards to offer readings for friends and family, for personal guidance and insight, or simply pull a single card to receive immediate clarity or reassurance that your day is going to turn out just right.

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