Celtic Devotional – Daily Prayer For People Of Spirit

Written by Caitlín Matthews

152 pages

210 mm x 140 mm

ISBN: 978-0-6456739-6-8

Australian Release date: September 2023

UK Release date: November 2023

$34.95 (AUD)


Celtic Devotional is for all who want to find and follow their spiritual pathway. Drawing on the inspiration of the seasonal unfolding of the year and on the ancestral environmental vision of the Celtic period, this devotional creates a framework for the daily rekindling and refreshment of the soul. A combination of existing and newly composed prayers, blessings and ceremonies for people of all traditions or none, this much-loved devotional returns to uplift and accompany the daily round through the seasons of the year.

Additional information

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 26 × 6 × 26 cm

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