Cryptid Whispers Cryptozoology Oracle Cards

Written by Tristan St. Reynolds

31 cards with guidebook

Box dimensions: 148 mm x 103 mm

ISBN: 978-0-6456739-0-6

Release date: August 2023

$32.95 (AUD)


Cryptids, like unicorns and dragons, are creatures whose existence remains unsubstantiated or disputed by science, with Cryptozoology being the research and study of such creatures. Fascinated by childhood stories of mermaids and reports of sightings shared by his family and friends, author Tristan St. Reynolds was inspired to create an oracle deck that not only focused on the merfolk, but the other cryptids that filled his heart and mind with wonder. Having had them visit him in dreams over the years, Tristan believes that the mysterious creatures featured in his beautifully illustrated, 31-card oracle deck truly exist, if only in folklore, or the retellings passed down through the generations. While the cryptids symbolise mysticism and the unknown, 31 is the number associated with creativity, change, and progress.

As Tristan says, “Just because you can’t see something in the traditional sense, doesn’t mean it’s not there!” So, even if you don’t personally believe in the physical existence of mermaids, yetis, or faeries, Tristan believes that daring to entertain the thought offers a unique opportunity to see the world from a place of awe and wonder.

Unlike regular animals, cryptids instil a sense of the unknown and mysticism because they are not ruled by the constraints of science or fact. Our inability to dream, imagine or believe in things not considered real is something that holds us back on a creative and emotional level. Working with these unique oracle cards, the author hopes will enable humanity to unite spirituality with practicality and science with fantasy and allow us to embrace both the seen and unseen equally, instead of only believing what is in front of our eyes.

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Weight 600 g
Dimensions 23 × 6 × 15 cm

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