Earth Warrior

A Self-Published Title


Paul Williamson


Spirituality / Fantasy / Visionary / Philosophy

Dimensions: 153mm  x 235mm

336 pages

ISBN –  9780995 364264

Cover Art – Beau Ravn –

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$29.95 (AUD)


Humanity faces a crisis on Earth about what we want as our future on the planet and how we can get there. There is the possibility that through human greed, aggression and inertia, we may destroy or severely damage our world. If we are to preserve our world with all its beauty and wonder – how can we do that?

In this story, a working group of souls train in the Spirit world to incarnate on Earth and attempt to make a difference. As the group embark on their journey, many questions are raised about our values: how we treat each other, the kingdoms of nature, and the Earth itself, and what we could do differently?

As the group face their challenges as ‘Earth Warriors’ and passionately apply themselves as well as they can, it becomes clear that for transformation to occur on Earth, it will not be through the efforts of a small number, but only with large scale collective intent. The mission of the group is to help humanity to discover its Spiritual heart, and for people to continue to live by that.

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 23.5 × 15.3 cm

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