Food That Set Me Free

Written by Russell Brewer

ISBN : 978-0-6450179-1-5

RRP : $39.95

292 pages

Book Dimensions : 210mm H x 140mm W

Release Date: June, 2021

$39.95 (AUD)


Food That Set Me Free – A food reference guide to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle isn’t just a book about eating wisely; it’s also a great resource for understanding how to help your body heal and prevent chronic conditions.
A valuable food reference guide containing the mind-blowing benefits of various foods, it features what to eat during pregnancy, cancer-fighting and weight loss foods, inflammation prevention and age-defying foods to name a few, handy tables listing essential nutrition and benefits, as well as A–Zs of everything from superfoods and anti-oxidants to vitamins and minerals.
In a world that is undergoing an unprecedented level of toxic assault from pesticides, radiation, chemicals in food, water, air and personal care products, and medication, Food That Set Me Free will assist you to discover all the treatments nature offers to address common ailments and return you to optimum whole-of-body health and wellbeing

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Weight 600 g
Dimensions 18 × 8 × 20 cm

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