domestic violence and stalking


Terri Ryan

A Self-Published Title

Cover Art by Terri Ryan

ISBN: 9780987634351

DIMENSIONS: 130mm x 198mm

$22.95 (AUD)


I SURVIVED domestic violence and stalking

A young woman trapped in a marriage and manipulated into submission by a violent husband.

Just because someone dresses nicely, doesn’t mean the person is nice. Just because someone says I love you, doesn’t always mean that it’s true.  These are some of the lessons the author Terri Ryan had learnt about while enduring a violent marriage with a narcissist husband.

This book describes the true events and a sad story of a young women who in 1979 thought she had met the man of her dreams.  It’s a story of the emotional and physical violence, and the verbal abuse she suffered at the hands of a Monster.   The story speaks of the struggle she had trying to protect herself and her children with a legal system that didn’t recognise domestic violence as a crime.  It also tells of a young woman’s escape and the terror she suffered while being stalked by a vengeful narcissist.   However, it is also a story of survival.  It tells of how a young and innocent woman turned her life around to help others who also were suffering from abuse and domestic violence.

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 13 × 19.8 cm

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