Positive Beginnings Affirmation Cards

Written by Melissa Evans

Illustrated by Bianca Lentini

50 cards with instructions for use

Box dimensions: 115 mm x 60 mm

ISBN: 978-0-6454206-6-1

Release date: March 2023

$21.95 (AUD)


This beautiful set of 50 affirmation cards will empower, inspire and uplift you with their affirmations and simple mantra of ‘I affirm.’ You will be encouraged in your daily life to be more
mindful of your connections, your inner wellness, and your transformation as you bring forth empowerment and healing. Each of the Positive Beginnings Affirmation Cards provides
a symbolic meaning with their intent. It gives you the opportunity to reflect and reset on your life’s journey. The cards will remind you of what is important – you.

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