THE ANCIENTS – Stories to Inspire the Awakening Soul

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Written by : Tonia Reeves, Jacinta Feeley, Laura Walsh, Megan Williams and Sharne Young

A Self-Published title

ISBN : 978-0-6450179-3-9

Dimensions : 210mm H x 135m W

144 pages

Available Jan 1, 2021



The Ancients have united to share the wisdom of the Universe from the perspectives of five inspirational people, who discuss their journeys to remembering and awakening their own inner truths.
By gathering in Circle at times of uncertainty and change, to honour the elements, the seasons and the beings – both seen and unseen – the Five align themselves with the unlimited
potential of the Universe.
Through their stories and personal experiences, these five insightful souls invite you to tap into and harness your innate knowing of who you are and why you’re here, while empowering you to unlock your own unique signature energy.
Even though there are similarities with their gifts and talents, the Five all have varying experiences and roles to play, and it was their personal commitment to be of service to the Earth Mother and the Universe that brought them together.