The Book of Love & Light

Gina M. Higgins

A Self-Published Title

96 Pages

Dimensions: 210mm x 135mm

ISBN: 978-0-6482455-2-0

$22.00 (AUD)


The Book of Love and Light offers straightforward channeled guidance to help you find your way to loving yourself by learning how to relax, let go of fear and live life with joy and peace to become the best you can be through releasing old energy, listening to your intuition, replenishing and re-energising with God’s universal energy of Love and Light. It is with love and caring for your own well-being that you heal, enabling you to give and receive more love. By replenishing and lifting your own energy, you will find within you a more relaxed peaceful state of being, thereby able to appreciate life, moving forward with ease, feeling a greater love and peace. Learn how easy it is to replenish and how the Angels are available to assist you on your journey.

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 21.1 × 13.5 cm

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