Chocolate Lover’s (mini) Message Cards

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70 Mini Affirmation Cards with Instructions for Use

Written by: Rosie Shalhoub

Affirmation Cards / Insight / Guidance

RRP: $26.95

ISBN: 978-0-9941581-2-3

Dimensions: Box 170mm x 125mm / Cards 60mm x 85mm


Measuring just 6cm x 8.5cm per card, the original vision for the Message Card series was to see them offered as palm-sized affirmation-style cards perfectly sized to carry in your pocket or handbag everywhere you go. Illustrated on one side with a short message on the other, the mini message cards are ideal for spontaneous readings given on public transport, while traveling with friends or family, when stopping for a coffee, or whenever you are in need of quick and easily accessible personal guidance.

NB: Since releasing this (and the Nature’s Wisdom Message Cards), the dimensions have changed to 7cm x 10.5cm (* hence the price difference). When this set is ready to be reprinted, we will be increasing the size of the cards to match the newer sets, and upgrading the set on all levels. Stay tuned.


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Everyone loves Chocolate, right? What if we told you that besides its addictive qualities said to offer natural highs, Chocolate can also be looked to for personal advice or spiritual affirmation? What if we told you that Chocolate holds within it symbolic wisdom potent enough to guide you along life’s path? What if we told you that, depending on what type of Chocolate you prefer, it would be possible to determine things about your personality or what direction you may want to take in life?

Well, Rosie Shalhoub – a life-long, dedicated, die-hard fan of Chocolate – has developed a system that proves that while you may have reason to love Chocolate – Chocolate, in its own way, loves you right back!  What better high can you get than the one that comes from knowing you’re on the right track in life – all because you’ve chosen to heed the advice of Chocolate! Who would have thought?! Offering 70 different ‘types’ of Chocolate, including a variety of Chocolate sorts, variations on the Chocolate theme, Chocolate flavours and centres and Chocolate-worthy occasions, the CHOCOLATE LOVER’S MESSAGE CARDS are a 70 card affirmation deck offering the reader clear instructions for use.

Each card is deliciously illustrated with a photograph of each ‘type’ of Chocolate, and supported by a key word that invites the reader to explore the ‘meaning’ on a deeper, more personal level. By turning the card over, the reader is offered a three-phase message that explains the meaning of the Chocolate, the ‘action’ the Chocolate is suggesting we take to improve or enhance our life – and an affirmation that helps still the mind and lull the reader into a state of spiritual and emotional confirmation, insight and healing.


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