The Harmonized Soul

‘Bring love into every moment’

Written by: Julie Rennie

PAPERBACK 192 pages

Self Empowerment / Emotional Health / Healing

RRP: $24.95

ISBN – 9780995364226

Dimensions: 234mm x 153mm

$24.95 (AUD)


Love is the greatest presence of the universe, but sometimes darkness clouds our connection. Any way you approach the challenges in life, the best solution is to re-connect with love. When you shine love on the darkness it disappears without leaving a trace.’ – Julie Rennie


Would you like to enjoy more love, joy and peace in your life? You already have the love inside, but it might be buried under painful, unloving patterns. In The Harmonized Soul, you will learn how to free yourself from these unloving patterns and create your life from a higher dimension of love. When you live from love the pain melts away. Join best-selling author Julie Rennie as she guides you on your journey back to love. Use her collection of techniques to empty out emotional, mental and physical clutter. Discover how much love you can bring into this moment—indeed, every moment—and watch your life transform.

  • Feel centered and calm
  • Be in control of your reactions
  • Experience joyful relationships
  • Fill your life with a loving purpose

Start an awakening process and free the love and joy inside.

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 23.4 × 15.3 cm

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