What Are We Thinking?

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A self-published title

Written by: Margaret Purcell

PAPERBACK 109 pages

Motivational / Philosophical Thinking / Self-Empowerment

RRP $19.95

ISBN: 978-0-9941581-8-5

Dimensions: 210mm x 135mm


What Are We Thinking? poses many questions that only you can answer.  It takes you on a journey inside your head, highlighting the importance of your every thought; thoughts that determine how you act and feel on a day-to-day basis. How much of your thinking is clouded by conditioning?  How much of your thinking is positive, negative, judgemental or ill-informed?  How much of your thinking or what you believe is the result of indoctrination or personal experience? We are blessed with the cognitive ability to sort through all that is presented to us and we CHOOSE what we think, believe and how we ultimately behave. Our individual choices define every aspect of the life we live. What are you thinking? What life do you choose?

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