What makes us different?

THE ANIMAL DREAMING PUBLISHING GROUP is Australia’s leading hybrid publishing network, offering both traditional publishing and assisted self-publishing services. With the rapid growth of this well-respected publishing format, which showcases both established authors and novice writers wishing to share a story or inspire the world, The Animal Dreaming Publishing platform has emerged as a strong and ethical presence in the publishing world.

When you opt to self-publish with us, we offer the following things:

No Binding Contracts

As an assisted self-published author, we have no desire to own you, control you or limit you as an author. We simply want to help you get yourself published, in the most honourable way possible. So – unlike other ‘self-publishing’ companies, we offer no perpetual publishing contracts that threaten to bind you to us or prevent you from growing as an independent author.

A Publishing Agreement

While there is an agreement in place during the production of your work that we ask you to sign so that all parties concerned are protected during each step of the publishing process, once your book is released, you are free to do as you wish: to break away and align yourself with another publishing company, print your book or oracle cards with your own privately-sourced printer or to stay loyal to us under the Animal Dreaming Publishing banner. If you do decide to break away, though – the only thing we ask is that you remove our logo from your work! Simple.


The other point of difference that separates Animal Dreaming Publishing from other ‘self-publishing’ companies is that, within your personalised publishing package, is the promise to appraise and professionally edit your manuscript, format the interior, design your cover, print your book – using the same reputable printing companies that ‘big name’ publishing houses like Hay House, Random House, Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins and Bloomsbury use – and guarantee distribution (conditions apply) throughout Australia and New Zealand. On top of that, Animal Dreaming Publishing can also support your journey with marketing, branding and promotion (conditions apply).

Stock delivery

As we are NOT a print on demand self-publishing company, we guarantee delivery of actual books to your door – with a goodly portion (depending on how many you choose to print) transported to the safekeeping of the distributor’s warehouse to await distribution. Depending on your requirements, you may expect delivery of anything between 100 to 2000 copies of your long-awaited book! And trust us when we say, as a published author – there is nothing more emotionally rewarding than taking delivery of boxes and boxes of books that all have your name printed on the front cover!

Kindle and Kobo E-Books

An electronic version of your book (eBook) provides for a larger audience as well as greater promotional opportunity. Your customers will be able to purchase and read your eBook at the click of a button. Opting to have an eBook created as part of your publishing package will ensure that your book reaches an ever growing audience.

‘Animal Dreaming’ as a Recognised Brand

Animal Dreaming is a recognised brand; a name that’s familiar to bookstore owners and managers, book reviewers and printed media Australia-wide, and as an ADP author, you have the privilege of having the official Animal Dreaming Publishing logo stamped on its spine. To self-publish a book as (perhaps) an unknown author, and to expect your book to be reviewed over countless other titles by recognised authors who have and publishing houses supporting their journey is a huge ask in Australia. So, having the Animal Dreaming Publishing logo on the spine of your book will associate it with a recognised name and respected brand, thus potentially boosting its profile and likelihood of being reviewed and purchased by online and retail outlets that often tend to favour titles and authors they know will sell.

Spiritual Authors

But THE REAL REASON Animal Dreaming Publishing is love supporting authors who want to write about ‘spiritual topics’ (or non-spiritual topics) better than any other self-publishing company in Australia, be it a ‘how to book’, a reference book, an oracle, a memoir – or a children’s novel that has a spiritual theme – is because we have personally been involved in the spiritual industry for over 20 years, as active participants in our own right. We haven’t just been sitting on the edge looking in, like most of the other spiritual publishers out there. We have lived the industry, looking out from deep within its core as published and self-published authors – which means, we literally know the industry inside out.

When you are immersed in something like the spiritual industry, like Trudy and Scott are, (Scott is the author of the best-selling Animal Dreaming), you get to know the people, the groups and subgroups, the ins-and-outs … and the target audience. When you just publish books, even if those books are destined for the spiritual community, you only get to know the industry from a superficial perspective. You never get to delve deeply on a personal level, because you’re only tapping into the world of the author through their eyes, and how you perceive their place within it.

But Scott is one of those authors. He and Trudy have worked their way through the industry, from the ground floor up. They have literally lived the industry. They have breathed the industry. They KNOW the industry. They know what it is, what it isn’t, what it needs and what it yearns for. They know how to publish, brand and market the authors that come to Animal Dreaming Publishing because they ARE their authors.

Scott and Trudy know the industry because it’s their life. THEY LIVE HERE. They believe that’s why, as the face of Animal Dreaming Publishing, they’ve been so successful in helping build such a strong foundation, and why – they truly believe – Animal Dreaming Publishing is going to be force to be reckoned with FOR MANY YEARS TO COME.

Lisa Williams is published through Animal Dreaming Publishing