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Canadian Writers’ Empowerment Online Conference 2021

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Presented by Trudy and Scott Alexander King

Special guest, Carmel Joy Baird

Live Training via Zoom

Win A Publishing Contract!

Join Trudy King and Scott Alexander King from Animal Dreaming Publishing, on October 2 and 3, 2021 for Canadian Writers' Empowerment Online Workshop!
Are you ready for two amazing days?

Special Guest Carmel Joy Baird will also be stopping by to say hello and give some insight on her own path and journey writing her book!

People often ask Scott and Trudy King, ‘How do I write a book?’ Obviously, they don’t mean, ‘Should I type it or handwrite it?’. What they’re asking is – is there a process I should be following that will lead me to successfully writing and completing my manuscript?

During this workshop, you will be shown simple steps and strategies that will ensure you not only start writing your book but that you complete your manuscript! By following some simple writing activities, identifying what ‘sort of writer’ you are, and what drives you to write (and when), you will soon be on your way to becoming a published author!

Whether you just love writing, or you’re contemplating writing a book, or you’re physically writing a book (at any stage of completion), or if you’re dreaming of someday writing a book, this ‘writing and publishing’ workshop is for you.

Special Guest

Carmel Baird

During this 2 day workshop, you will learn how to:

You will be invited to ask yourself:

For example, are you writing for you own pleasure?
Are you writing to get a publishing deal (do you really know what a publishing deal is or what the term means)?
Or are you writing to inspire others?

Marketing, branding and building your business

Selling your books like 'best sellers'

Remove Writer's Block

You will be given several Writing Tips and Creative Exercises that will help develop a healthy writing formula that will work perfectly just for you.

You will also learn:

A Chance to Win a Publishing Contract!

For all WRITERS wishing to become PUBLISHED AUTHORS, and all ARTISTS dreaming of seeing their work PUBLISHED, ANIMAL DREAMING PUBLISHING, is offering two amazing PRIZES to anyone who SUBMITS A MANUSCRIPT or a PORTFOLIO OF SAMPLE ART within 6 months of attending this LIFE CHANGING ONLINE EVENT!

Prize One

The opportunity to be offered a PUBLISHING CONTRACT with
Animal Dreaming Publishing!

Prize Two

A $2000 discount off a personally tailored SELF-PUBLISHING PACKAGE with Animal Dreaming Publishing!

Please note:

This prize is offered to ALL the authors and artists attending this course; anyone who submits a manuscript/portfolio before the 6-month cut-off date! But, there can be only two winners – so be sure to get your submissions in early!

To submit a manuscript, please CLICK HERE: publish@animaldreaming.com 

To submit a portfolio of SAMPLE art please place in a Dropbox folder and email the link to the same email address: publish@animaldreaming.com 

Canadian Writers’ Empowerment Online Conference 2021


Australian time:

Canadian time:

London time:


Online via Zoom Webinar



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