A Chance to WIN!

As an exclusive incentive for everyone who attends the Animal Dreaming Writers’ Empowerment Conference for all three days, we will offer one lucky person the opportunity to be traditionally published by Animal Dreaming Publishing! Yes, that’s right! One lucky participant will be chosen as the deserving recipient of a traditional publishing deal! To be in the running to be chosen, all you need to do is:

  • Attend the online ‘Animal Dreaming Publishing Writers’ Empowerment Conference’ for all three days
  • Submit a full manuscript (in electronic form, on a USB stick) either during the Conference or within the 6 months following the Conference. Please ensure your manuscript is complete, and includes an introduction, your author bio, an author photo and – if it includes artwork – some high res (300+ dpi) samples of the artwork you intend to use.


While they will naturally see your submissions, please note that neither Scott nor Trudy (or Maria for that matter) will be involved in the actual voting process. They will not have any say or influence over who the winner will be.  The winner will be announced (and contacted) three months after the submission’s deadline has expired, to allow time for the judges to thoroughly consider the merit of each submission in turn.

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