A chance to GET PUBLISHED!

During the conference, a whole day will be dedicated to those who yearn to turn their love of writing, painting and drawing into a career as a published author and / or artist.

Artists and Writers of all levels are welcome to participate in this segment of the conference.

Have you ever had someone say ‘Aww! So, you want to be an artist / author some day? Well, it’s wonderful that you like to paint / draw / write, and it’s lovely you have a hobby, but what are you going to do as a real job?’ Well, whether you yearn to be a published author or artist someday or you simply want to paint, write or write for your own pleasure or your friends and family, the goal of our experienced presenters is to help you trust your creativity and unique creative voice, to silence the inner critic and to get you to the point where you believe in yourself as a writer or artist, no matter how new you are to the process.

So, no matter where you find yourself on the path to realising your dream, during this segment of the conference you will learn about:

  • How to properly submit a portfolio of art or a manuscript;
  • Your actual chances of being ‘picked up’ by a publishing house as an artist / author;
  • Advances and Royalties;
  • Publishing Contracts;
  • Distribution – Getting your books into shops and overseas;
  • Copyright and protecting yourself as an author;
  • Promotion and Publicity;
  • Branding yourself as an artist / author;
  • The pros and cons of being Self-Published;


As well as:

  • the difference between being someone who paints or draws, and a professional artist;
  • the difference between ‘creating’ and ‘editing’;
  • the importance of writing, drawing and painting every day (even if it’s only for 30 mins);
  • why it’s important for a book to ‘feel good’ in your hands;
  • how your favourite author / artist can inspire your writing and art;
  • how to overcome artist’s / writer’s block;
  • intuitive writing; using your gut instinct as a writer when it comes to editing, etc;
  • what your writing / artistic routine is and how to set it (mood, environment, etc);
  • writer’s tips (re-reading, printing out, relaxation, etc);
  • the four main archetypes that make a writer (what archetype are you?);
  • the four main motives that inspire all writers (what motivates you as a writer?);
  • the four methods that govern all writers (what method do you tend to use as a writer?);
  • the four questions that all writers need to ask to anchor their intentions;
  • the four seasons and how they energetically influence all writers (what season energetically rules and inspires you as an artist / writer?);
  • the four influences that can help explain the muses or blocks that affect all writers and artists;
  • the daily tasks that all writers and artists might do to ensure creativity and flow;
  • … and some simple activities designed to abolish your inherent fears as a writer / artist; fears that tend to hamper creativity and block inspiration.

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