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With Your Eyes



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Scott Alexander King

Scott has a very simple, yet powerful message that he is keen to see people take out into the world.

How To Reconnect
to the medicine ways of the animals and nature as a whole.

An introductory two-day online workshop into the world of Animal Dreaming with Scott Alexander King.

“When we look to the Medicine Ways of Nature, we see the Earth and all the creatures that live upon it, as messengers imbued with particular characteristics that offer insight into our own true natures. When we open ourselves to the guidance of Animal Teachers, we receive confirmation of our innate strengths and the medicine we need to heal life’s sorrows.

When we experience interdependence with all life, we find our own honoured place in Creation.” – Scott Alexander King

Discover how you can reclaim your relationship with the Earth Mother and live a life of beauty guided by the Animals, Nature and the Elements during this two-day course in ANIMAL DREAMING, facilitated by Scott Alexander King; founder of Animal Dreaming and the best-selling author of Animal Dreaming and the Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards.

“The Earth is our Mother. We are her children. Like any mother, she wants us to grow, heal and unite as a people. She speaks to us every day. She speaks to us in a symbolic tongue. A tongue we have long forgotten and no longer understand. That language is older than words and is presented to us in the form of animals.

The animals each have a message to impart. We need to look once again to the ways of the animals and integrate their wisdom into our lives. The animals do not make mistakes. Spirit does not make mistakes.

If we heed the medicine ways of the animals, we too will forget how to make mistakes. The ancients knew this ancient language. And we are being urged to remember it.”

Scott remembers this ancient language. He speaks it and can translate it. He has always understood it – very clearly. And from what we can tell, he may very well be one of the few who remembers it so precisely. And now he yearns to share it with you. Of his message he simply says: ‘I understand things about people by simply looking at the animals in their lives, be they their ‘pets’, intentional encounters or accidental ones. I can tell a person where they are at in life, why they are there and what needs to be done to resolve it by simply asking them about the animals they have seen in the past 24 hours.

I can also see the animal spirits that surround them. I have been able to see them since I was eight years of age. And from these animals, I can determine much about their life, their loved ones in Spirit and the stuff going on in their life on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. They literally speak to me.

This is my gift and it is my yearning to take this message out into the world.’

Why Do This Workshop?

It is becoming increasingly apparent that we, as a people, are fast approaching a time of mass spiritual awakening. We are about to ‘wake up’ in ways never explored before. People are now looking to Spirit and Nature for answers, while learning to develop the one innate gift available to everyone: intuitive ability.

As people begin to remember their inherent relationship with the Earth Mother, the awareness that we, as her children, are offered enlightenment via the animals every day is being realised by excited people all over the world.

Those who look to the animals for affirmation, guidance and wisdom are imbued with knowledge that can guarantee clarity, happiness and an interrelated existence. They are also able to offer clarification and insight into the ways of the animals and the messages they wish to impart for themselves and others.

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During this two-day introductory workshop, you will discover ways to:

About Scott Alexander King

Scott Alexander King is an author, publisher, teacher, public speaker, psychic medium, practitioner of Earth Medicine and Zoomancer: an individual that examines the habits and appearance of animals to help explain or reveal the future path of other people. And as far as he knows, he’s the only Zoomancer in Australia, let alone the world! Having spent almost two years training daily under a medicine elder, and with fourteen publications currently on the international market, all centred on animal symbolism, totemism and spirit animals, Scott calls his path ANIMAL DREAMING – a shamanic path that directly draws upon the wisdom, symbolism and medicine ways of animals. Australian born, Scott lives in the picturesque, subtropical Norther Rivers, located 30 minutes inland from New South Wales’ iconic Byron Bay, with his wife, three children and their toy poodle x, Puddle.

Listening With Your Eyes 2021


(London) Saturday October 30-31, 2021


8pm-11pm UK time


(Australia) October 31 & Nov 1, 2021


6am-9am Sydney (AEDT)


Online via Zoom Webinar



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