Benefits of Publishing with Animal Dreaming Publishing

Are you…..

  • Writing your very first book and you've pondered the thought of self-publishing, but have no idea what to do to bring your plans to fruition?
  • An author who wants to retain 100% publishing rights, financial returns and profits (after distribution costs are deducted), and support with the production of your book?
  • Writing with the idea of self-publishing, and would love for someone else to do what’s required to see your book become a reality in a safe, professional manner?
  • Someone who just wants to spend their days writing, and would love for someone else to organise the publishing side things?
  • Someone who would like to self-publish their own work, but would rather do so knowing they are going to be able to sell their books once published by having them professionally distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand.
  • An already published author who is disillusioned with mainstream publishing and would like to self-publish your next book?
  • A serious author, who plans to use their books to build their business and public profile, but doesn’t want to lose all their profits and rights by signing a contract with a mainstream publishing house?
  • A hobby writer who would like to produce a few copies of your book to gift to family and friends?
  • An established author with a healthy following on social media and a solid data base of dedicated followers who has broken away from their previous publishers but would like to continue down the traditionally published path with a publishing company that understands what it means to feel safe, supported and valued?
If these questions relate to you … please keep reading!

As a hybrid publishing company that welcomes both (established) traditional and assisted self-publishing authors, Animal Dreaming Publishing’s self-publishing branch charges a ‘one off fee’ for its self-publishing services; a guaranteed ‘one-off’ fee that’s included in the original quote, instead of gaining revenue through hidden costs and a retained percentage of sales per book sold. This means that you, the self-published author:

  • Are not bound by complicated publishing contracts, limited by ‘rights of refusal’ clauses or financially hampered by the standard net-receipt royalties offered by most publishing houses
  • Will enjoy delivery of anything between 100 and 2000 actual copies of your book to your door (or the distributor’s warehouse, depending on the arrangement made) - with the option to print more at a reduced rate when the initial print run is sold
  • Benefit 100% from the financial returns of your book’s success in the market place after distribution costs are deducted. It’s interesting to note that most publishing companies that offer self-publishing services still bind their authors by contract and royalties (sometimes referred to as ‘quarterly commission processing’, which really means they retain up to 50% of profit, and surrender what’s left to the author as a quarterly ‘royalty’) – even though the author has paid for the right to be published!
  • Maintain complete ownership of the rights to your work before, during and after publication
  • Are free to self-publish, seek the support of another self-publishing company or seek a contract through an established publisher at any time (after the initial printing of your book through Animal Dreaming Publishing)

Personally Tailored Packages

Animal Dreaming Publishing’s self-publishing branch personally tailors packages that match the budget and requirements of their would-be authors. After all – you are unique and you deserve to have your vision treated with a sense of sacred individuality, with equal respect given to your intended readership.

Animal Dreaming Publishing’s experienced editors will ensure that your self-published manuscript is professionally readied for publication. Be it basic or extensive editing that is required, the personally tailored package will see your book presented in a pleasing and acceptable manner. After it is edited, your manuscript will then be passed onto our layout experts, who (armed with many years of combined experience in the publishing industry, and knowledge of what the public want from a book) will prepare it for publication as both a soft-cover book and a downloadable ‘eBook’.

If your book requires more than just editing and layout, however, and you’d like an index or contents page to be included, or your manuscript made tighter, ‘cleaned up’ or even ‘ghost-written’ for you, then we can arrange for this to happen as well.

We will then consult one of our talented graphic artists who will – based on your vision and suggestions – design your book’s front and back cover. But there’s no need to worry that you won’t like it, because your tailor-made package will include up to two cover design options for you to choose from! How fantastic is that? The freedom to choose your own cover design (with the option to purchase more options if you dislike the three suggestions offered) will ensure that you fall in love with your book. And if you love the look and feel of your book, then it’s pretty obvious that others will too.

Keeping in mind that Animal Dreaming Publishing is unique in that we provide – as a matter of course – client services that hardly any other self-publishing companies offer (such as full editing, layout, design, promotional support and distribution), once you have decided that Animal Dreaming Publishing is the right path for you, EMAIL US or call the Animal Dreaming Publishing Office to talk to a member of our professional and experienced team, who will be more than happy to talk to you about your options and what we can do to make your publishing dream an affordable reality.


  • No complicated or binding publishing contracts
  • Between 100 - 2000 physical copies of your book delivered to your door
  • 100% of the financial returns of your book’s success to you after distribution costs
  • Complete ownership of the rights to your work before, during and after publication
  • After the initial printing, you are free to stay or go
Everyone who comes to Animal Dreaming Publishing is offered the following standard services:
  • The chance to become an ‘Animal Dreaming’ author, with our logo on the spine and inside title page of your book
  • Personal guidance, mentorship and artistic direction that will ensure your book is ready to be successfully published, printed and launched
  • A full colour book cover with personalised back cover
  • A professionally bound book with black and white print
  • Insertion of a minimum of 5 black and white images with option for more
  • A downloadable PDF version of your book
  • Your book listed in our website shop
  • The option for an eBook to sell on your website with links to Amazon
  • The option for Full editing with the option of ghost writing if required to sell on your website with links to Amazon
  • Full editing with the option of ghost writing if required
  • Full ownership of the copyright of your manuscript after all corrections and proofreading
  • Guaranteed distribution in Australia (subject to the number of books you opt to print)
  • ISBN bar-coding, book design and layout, index and dedication

Remember that by working with us at Animal Dreaming Publishing, as an assisted self-published author you retain total control and copyright of your manuscript. Being free of any traditional publishing contract means you are free to remain under the Animal Dreaming Publishing banner with all your future print-runs, or to leave whenever you want, to self-publish or go with another publisher of your choosing.

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