Canine Spirit

Canine Spirit : Love of Dog

Author: BJ Allen

192 pages

Book dimensions; 148mm x 210 mm

ISBN:  978-0-6454206-5-4

Release date: June 2022

$29.95 (AUD)


Canine Spirit conveys messages that speak directly to the heart of each reader. It has many layers of meaning embedded in scientific, experiential and practical information. The essence of this book encourages and inspires deeper exploration of the Canine Spirit to discover the potential magic hidden in human–canine relationships where the love of dog is experienced in joyous new ways. One cannot truly love a dog until they understand the mind and heart of a dog, in the fullness of their being, freeing them to express the beauty of their nature as a species, as a breed and as a unique personality.

“I’ve been a dog owner most of my life and it is really only since we have been conversing that I am truly learning to understand this ‘little wolf’ I share my home with! To stop and take the time to observe her and understand what she is telling me has been a revelation. Thank you for including me in your love of dogs, which has allowed me to learn so much more about my little canine friend and guess what? – about myself!

“This information needs to be revisited regularly to remind us of just how remarkable dogs really are.

“This book is amazing. The research quoted is from wide and varied sources and effectively highlights the points the author is making. The detail and explanations offer insight and understanding into ‘canine thinking’.” —Jeanette Hindmarsh

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 23 × 0.6 × 15 cm

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