CD – Healing with the Animals

Guided Visualisation Meditations
Audio CD

Number of Tracks: 15
Backing Music by SACRED EARTH

$29.95 (AUD)


Audio CD

A series of meditative journeys designed to help you regain health, happiness and harmony within your life with the help of the animals.


  1. Intro Music
  2. Smudging and Stilling the Mind
  3. Reweaving your Life-Web
  4. Guided Visualisation: Reweaving your life with the help of Spider
  5. Celebrating your ‘Re-Birth Day’
  6. Guided Visualisation: Rebirthing yourself with the help of Turtle
  7. Healing the Womb and Reclaiming Feminine Power
  8. Guided Visualisation: Healing Sexually Related Issue with the help of Cat
  9. On Reflection – After working with the Cat
  10. Sacred Disengagement, or ‘Cutting the Ties that Bind’
  11. Guided Visualisation: Cutting the Ties that Bind with the help of the Sawfish
  12. Healing the Past
  13. Guided Visualisation: Healing your Past with the help of the Snake
  14. Guided Visualisation: Healing Messages of Peace with the help of the White Bird
  15. Guided Visualisation: Sending Healing Energy to the Planet, the People and the Animals

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 12 × 12 cm

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